AmeriGlide Coastal Outdoor Elevator Review

Quick Summary:

Price: $16,995.00


  • Enhanced Accessibility: Provides a safe and convenient way for individuals with mobility challenges to navigate multi-level homes.
  • Durable Construction: Made with robust materials like aluminum and galvanized steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to harsh weather.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with gate switches, interlocks, and obstruction sensors, ensuring secure operation.
  • Ease of Installation: Pre-wired and adjusted for a perfect fit, reducing installation time and effort.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Modern, sleek design that complements various architectural styles.


  • Initial Cost: The upfront investment can be significant, making it a substantial financial commitment for some homeowners.
  • Maintenance Needs: Regular maintenance is required to ensure optimal performance, which can add to ongoing costs.

AmeriGlide Coastal Outdoor Elevator Review

Product Review Conclusion

The AmeriGlide Coastal Outdoor Elevator offers a blend of durability, safety, and user-friendliness that is hard to match in the outdoor accessibility market. Its ability to withstand harsh coastal conditions while providing reliable vertical transportation makes it an invaluable addition for homes and businesses in coastal areas. While it comes with a higher price tag and requires professional installation, the overall benefits far outweigh these drawbacks.

For those seeking a reliable, durable, and efficient outdoor elevator solution, the AmeriGlide Coastal Outdoor Elevator is certainly worth considering. To learn more about the product or to make a purchase, visit AmeriGlide's official website.

Key Features of the AmeriGlide Coastal Outdoor Elevator

  • Weather-Resistant Design: Built to withstand the salty, humid, and often harsh conditions of coastal environments, this elevator is constructed from durable materials that resist corrosion and wear. This makes it an ideal solution for beachside homes, businesses, and other coastal properties.
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation: Engineered for smooth and quiet operation, the advanced motor system ensures a gentle ascent and descent, minimizing noise and vibrations. This feature is particularly beneficial in residential settings where maintaining a peaceful environment is important.
  • Easy Installation: While professional installation is recommended due to the elevator's complexity and the need for precise setup, the process is straightforward and well-supported by AmeriGlide's customer service team. The elevator can be customized to fit various architectural styles and space constraints.
  • Safety Features: Includes a non-slip platform, safety sensors, an emergency stop button, and sturdy handrails to ensure user safety.
  • Customizable Options: Offers various customizable options including different platform sizes, colors, and additional safety features to meet specific user needs.

Benefits of the AmeriGlide Coastal Outdoor Elevator

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Significantly enhances accessibility in outdoor settings, empowering individuals with mobility challenges to navigate multi-level outdoor spaces more independently.
  • Increased Property Value: Installing an outdoor elevator can increase property value, making homes and businesses more appealing to potential buyers, especially as demand for accessible living and working spaces grows.
  • Convenience and Independence: Offers unparalleled convenience and independence, making accessing different levels of a property more manageable and less stressful.
  • Durability: Robust construction ensures long-term durability even in challenging coastal environments, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

User Experiences

Residential Use

Homeowners who have installed the Coastal Outdoor Elevator often highlight its positive impact on daily living. One user noted, "The Coastal Outdoor Elevator has been a fantastic addition to our beach house. It allows my father, who has limited mobility, to access all levels of our home easily. The installation was seamless, and the elevator operates quietly and smoothly."

Commercial Use

Business owners have also found the Coastal Outdoor Elevator to be an invaluable addition to their properties. A manager of a coastal resort shared, "We needed to improve accessibility for our guests, and the Coastal Outdoor Elevator was the perfect solution. It's durable, efficient, and has made our property much more accessible. Our guests appreciate the added convenience, and it reflects positively on our business."

Potential Drawbacks

  • Higher Price Point: The cost reflects its robust construction and specialized features designed to withstand coastal conditions, but it may be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Professional Installation Required: While the installation process is straightforward, professional installation is recommended to ensure safety and optimal performance, adding to the overall cost and requiring coordination with AmeriGlide's installation team or authorized contractors.

Personal Perspective

As someone who has personally used the AmeriGlide Coastal Outdoor Elevator, I can attest to its transformative impact on accessibility in outdoor settings. I had the elevator installed at my beach house to assist my elderly parents, who have mobility challenges. The installation process was smooth, with professional installers ensuring everything was set up correctly.

From the first use, it was evident that the Coastal Outdoor Elevator was designed with user comfort and convenience in mind. The smooth and quiet operation ensured that my parents felt secure and at ease while using it. The non-slip platform and sturdy handrails added an extra layer of safety, which was reassuring for both of us.

One of the standout features for us was the elevator's weather-resistant design. Living by the coast, we often deal with harsh weather conditions, and the Coastal Outdoor Elevator has held up remarkably well. Its durable construction gives us peace of mind, knowing that it can withstand the elements without requiring frequent maintenance.

The convenience it brought to our daily lives cannot be overstated. My parents can now move between the different levels of our beach house independently, which significantly improved their quality of life. The elevator provided them with a sense of autonomy that they hadn't experienced in years.

In terms of maintenance, we've found the elevator to be relatively low-maintenance. Regular checks and occasional servicing have kept it in excellent working condition. This has been a relief, as we were concerned about potential ongoing costs and upkeep.

While we have been extremely satisfied with the Coastal Outdoor Elevator, it's important to acknowledge its limitations. The higher price point was a significant investment, but we believe it was worth it for the benefits it provides. Additionally, the need for professional installation added to the overall cost and required some coordination, but the result was a safe and reliable setup.

Overall, the AmeriGlide Coastal Outdoor Elevator has been a valuable addition to our home. It has enhanced my parents' mobility and independence, and we appreciate the peace of mind it brings. For those seeking a durable and efficient outdoor accessibility solution, the Coastal Outdoor Elevator is worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight capacity of the AmeriGlide Coastal Outdoor Elevator?

The AmeriGlide Coastal Outdoor Elevator has a weight capacity of 750 pounds. It is designed to accommodate most users, including those with heavier power chairs or mobility scooters.

How much space is required for installation?

The elevator requires a small footprint and can be customized to fit various architectural styles and space constraints. Exact dimensions can vary based on customization options.

Can the Coastal Outdoor Elevator be used in non-coastal environments?

Yes, while the elevator is designed to withstand harsh coastal conditions, it is also suitable for non-coastal environments where durability and weather resistance are desired.

How long does the installation process take?

The installation process typically takes a few days, depending on site conditions and any necessary customizations. Professional installation is recommended to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Are there any maintenance requirements?

The Coastal Outdoor Elevator requires minimal maintenance. Regular checks and servicing as outlined in the user manual will ensure the elevator remains in optimal working condition. It's recommended to schedule annual maintenance to address any potential issues proactively.

What safety features are included?

The AmeriGlide Coastal Outdoor Elevator is equipped with several safety features, including a non-slip platform, safety sensors, an emergency stop button, and sturdy handrails. These features are designed to ensure user safety and prevent accidents during operation.

Is financing available for the Coastal Outdoor Elevator?

Financing options may be available depending on the retailer or distributor. It's advisable to check with AmeriGlide or authorized dealers for any financing plans or payment options that can help manage the cost of the elevator.

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