Stair Lifts

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stairlift4We represent several manufacturers, including Harmar mobility , Acorn, and Savaria. Please click on the links above to learn more about our different models, or call (850) 207-8861 to contact your local sales expert for more information.

Stair lifts are known variously as stairlifts, stair-lifts, chair lifts, stair gliders, stair chairs and by other names.  Modern stair lifts can be found with a wide variety of features such as adjustable seat height, battery operation, wireless call stations, ‘flip-up’ rail, key switch security, folding step, overspeed governor, seatbelt, and automatic soft start / stop ride quality.

Straight Rail Stair Lift

These are the most common type of stair lifts used in private dwellings with straight stairs and have a straight rail (track) which is fixed to the steps of the staircase. Straight stair lifts have a shorter installation and manufacturing time because it requires fewer customizations.

Curved Rail Stair Lifts

These are normally much more unusual and expensive than those with straight rails because they have to be specifically manufactured to suit the individual staircase (curved stairs).