Residentional Elevators

Panhandle Humbaugh Elevators Inc. are your local experts on residential home elevator systems. We provide and install many types of home elevators that vary in performance and price. As an independent elevator company, we represent several manufacturers, and are able to provide a wide spectrum of options since we are not tied to any single product or manufacturer. We represent the following manufactures (including, but not limited to)

In general, residential home elevators are available in 2 main types of drive systems.

Hydraulic and Electric. … but… which is better??

Within these two types of drive systems, there are several variations of each system that include gear-less, chain driven, counterweighted, direct plunger, roped, and compact winding drum. These systems all have unique advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account when selecting an elevator for your home. Contact our sales department for an obligation free consultation of these systems.

home-elevator-03We often recommend the electric 950 winding drum elevator from Panhandle Elevators. Below you will find a short list of advantages of the WD950.

  • Ideal for Coastal Installations due to its high and dry machine configuration and aluminum components (lifetime warranty).
  • Superior performance using the latest technology in microprocessor controls, VVVF drives, integrated gear motors and CNC metal cutting/forming.
  • Precision formed winding drum design does not require a machine room.
  • Eco-friendly LED low voltage cab lighting option eliminates 110V circuit.
  • Versatile cab design allows for a wide range of finishes.
  • Low cost of ownership and maintenance requirements.

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We are proud of the reputation that we have built

Below, you will find just a few reasons that make us the Gulf Coast’s best elevator company

Proven Track Record

Panhandle Elevators Merged with Humbaugh Lift Company in October of 2012 to become Panhandle Humbaugh Elevators. Since 2006, we have been a leader in residential and commercial residential installations. We believe in meeting deadlines, building long term relationships, and offering the best experience possible to our customers. Don’t be fooled by out of town or new, fly by night companies who promise the world, only to leave their warranty and contractual obligations behind when a problem occurs. Remember- a warranty is only as good as the company who stands behind it.

Non Proprietary

All elevators that we install are non proprietary, and manufacturer support is not restricted in any way for parts replacement or factory troubleshooting support. It is important to remember that a proprietary elevator system can cost you thousands more over the life of the elevator system, and leave you no other option for service than the company who installed it.

Local support

Before and after the installation, Panhandle Humbaugh Elevators will guide you through the process of owning or installing a residential elevator. It is important to remember that the elevator must be carefully coordinated with many other trades during installation. It is always our pleasure to work with home owners’ and general contractors hand in hand to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Comprehensive Warranty

Our standard warranty includes 12 months of labor and 24 months of protection against manufacturing or material defects during normal business hours. Of course, 24 / 7 emergency warranty and service programs are available for our customers who depend on our elevators for mobility and do not have the luxury of waiting.

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  1. Jeff Weathersby

    I am looking for a residential elevator for my home that I am in the process of building now. I need 3 stops. Basement, 1st floor and 2nd floor.

  2. Sharon Jenkins

    Need an home elevator repair. Need to meet w owner this Sat-Mon first. Contact 850-499-6924 to set up appt. Sharon Jenkins property in Seagrove Beach.

  3. Neil Dorfman

    I have a custom elevator and have misplaced the emergency key for the landing door.
    Where can I get a replacement? is it a standard kwickset emergency key?

  4. Dustin Post author

    Please call the office at (850) 207-8861 (ext. 1). We will be more than happy to assist you!

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