Commercial Elevator

Panhandle Humbaugh Elevators offers a full line of commercial elevator services that include:


  • Complete Door Upgrades
    • Full Tear Out & Replacement
    • Elevator Cab Refinishing
    • Fixture Upgrades
    • Controller & Pumping Unit Upgrades
    • ADA upgrades


Panhandle Humbaugh Elevators uses only non-proprietary equipment which gives owners and managers flexibility in their future service and repair budgets.

Some elevator companies have designed their products so that it is difficult or expensive for other companies to maintain. Often, there are restrictions on service tools, software, and replacement parts. This is referred to as proprietary equipment.
However, our products give you freedom of choice. You’re not tied down to using one specific company to service your equipment. Our products are not discontinued as frequently: technical support, wiring diagrams, parts and components are available for longer periods of time. It is also a customer-friendly way to do business.

Here are few of the quality manufacturers we work with:

mce janus innovation hw
delaware gal cantor elevatorcontrols


We can meet a wide variety of specifications using the following pre-engineered or custom elevator packages. Not sure? Contact us for assistance from one of our elevator specialists.

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